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  Jock in his Charlie Butt Belly BandFostering dogs here in Newcastle NSW for the last 15 years, we have learned a lot. Jock in his Charlie Butt Belly Band  We know the frustration of toilet training a dog while working, raising a family, and staying on top of household chores and keeping everyone happy.

Our products are designed to help ease the burden just a little bit, for the dog and the family. We don’t need expensive, or high tech, or synthetic. We need good old-fashioned aids to help us get through the tough times.

Our belly bands and pants are that. Cotton, breathable, easily washed,  well fitted, and affordable; our products are ideal for your leaky pup. 

We will endeavour to make the bands or pants that are the right fit for your pup with or without the addition of an adhesive disposable pad. Then with some tried and true training methods, you can have an easier transition to a toilet trained dog.

Your dog can have a more relaxed recovery post operatively if you use these products in lieu of the cone. And your elderly pup will appreciate keeping their pride intact if age related incontinence is an issue.

There is a Evie in he Charlie Butt Dog Pantsbespoke band or pants available for your little one, whatever the need. Bodhi in his Charlie Butt Dog Pants

This is a home based business, providing the same products for the foster dogs in our area.

Your purchase will help us to continue making life a little easier for the volunteer foster carers and their pups of all sizes and ages.






Milo in his Charlie Butt Dog Pants


“My poor baby Milo had to get desexed and unfortunately did not recover as quickly as we would have hoped. He struggled immensely with his plastic cone! We were fortunate enough to have found ‘Dog Pants for Leaky Pups’ and Milo was able to take his cone off and wear his gorgeous, colourful puppy pants. They are soft, comfy and easy to put in. Milo was in a much better state when these were on. I still had to monitor him but he was much more relaxed. They are beautifully made and such a great help for us! Highly recommend!”  Kaitlin, Newcastle







Chester is a typical male dog who as soon as he comes into a new home he likes to mark his territory and make it his own. Thanks Charlie Butt for saving the day and the furniture!  Ellie, Waratah.






Ruby with her Charlie Butt Dog Pants


Little Ruby Roo came into foster care very frightened and in season. 
Her Charlie Butt Dog Pants has meant that she can live her best life inside and on as much furniture as she likes.
Thanks Charlie Butt!   Penny, Mayfield.






Teddie with his Charlie Butt Dog Pants

Teddie  was miserable wearing the big "Cone of Shame" after his desexing operation. Now with his adorable little "butt pants" from Charlie Butt Dog Pants & Bands he is so much happier! He can eat, drink and sleep normally but he can't lick his surgery scar.  Terri, Redhead