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Hi!  Do you remember me?  It’s Charlie … Charlie Daniels!   :dogwub:

I haven’t written anything here for a long time ’cause HH and TBU have been very busy .. they go out hunting almost every day to bring home food for Molly and I to eat!



Today we went to Horseshoe Beach .. we haven’t been there in a long time.  We had fun.  This picture was taken just before we left to come home.  As you can tell …  we didn’t want to have a picture taken!   :dogohmy:

In other news, TBU has finally put his long planned website online … I think this is very important and every Bi-Ped with FurKids should know about it.

You can view it here if you want to!

Parvo Kills – Vaccination is Prevention




Back to the beach …

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It was a little while ago now … but HH and TBU took as to Redhead Beach for some exploring …

Here is the moving picture if you would like to watch it …

Mid walk rest stop

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Hot !!!

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Today was a hot one. We just got back from a big walk.


This is the coolest place to recover !

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Life can be so cruel sometimes …         :dogwub:




.. when I think of everything My Bi-Peds have been through during the last 3 years, it makes me sad.   :dogsad:    Especially when I think of all the posts I missed out on doing, ’cause there was never enough available time to do them!    :dogohmy:

But … I did have Molly with me to keep me company …


… and we did our best to look after Moo.

Charlie & Moo

Molly & Moo


Now we have a home again … things are looking up … so we have been making sure we thank Moo .. and play with him lots and lots and lots!   :dogrolleyes:

We think he enjoys it!    :dogtongue2:

Here is a moving picture if you would like to watch it!

Moving Pictures

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So … I have a new Moving Picture coming soon … My first one in ages … It was fun making it  ;-)

Bed Time

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Night !