Who is that ?

January 12th, 2008 Posted in All About Me No Gravatar

Hey what’s that noise!  I hear footsteps!  Who is that gawking at me through the doorway? He they look nice and friendly …..  where did they go?  Yeah that would be right ….  Here I am, left alone again ….  I wish my brothers and sisters hadn’t all left me  …….

Cool … they’ve come back again and Eve is openning the door! But hang on a minute ….  I can smell another puppy on them … I bet they’ve been playing with him all that time.  But hey, they’ve come back to play with me now!  Monty ! Monty !  I think that must be my name … they are saying it often enough !

When I was called Monty 

Umm ….  why am I going back into my cage …. and where are those nice people going ?  Hey! Don’t leave me here alone again.  I bet they’ve gone back to play with that other puppy again. 

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