I feel a bit tipsy …

October 1st, 2008 Posted in All About Me No Gravatar

My Bi-Peds are a bit sad tonight. Maybe it’s because of the V-E-T fees – I don’t know. Maybe because the V-E-T said something that made HH’s eyes leak and TBU’s wallet empty! Either way I heard them whispering about going back to visit on Friday.

I think I don’t want to go back ’cause I feel really yucky right now and they didn’t offer me any treats while I was there. I say they have very bad manners! They didn’t even offer me lunch even though I entertained them all day … and why are my claws clipped … and what happened to my legs … it looks like I have gone bald in little patches!

Having said all that … Dr. Suzanna was very nice and looked after me all day.

Right now I am having trouble walking in a staight line, and when I stand still it feels like everything is spinning. The problem is, I don’t really want to lay down. Nobody has checked the yard all day – how do I know everything is still secure?

Since when did My Kong weigh so much?  I just tried to pick it up and couldn’t hold it in my mouth! Oh hang on … I think I need to sleep now …

Charlie Daniels 
Why do my eyes look like they are pointing in different directions & look at my legs!

Charlie Daniels 
Here is a close-up

Charlie Daniels - Clipped Claws 
Do ya wanna see my feet?

Charlie Daniels 

TBU & HH here:  Dr. Suzanna spoke with us when we collected Charlie. She didn’t want to commit herself because she is not a specialist, but did say that Charlie’s hips don’t look very good and she was also concerned about the thinning bone in his front left leg. She suggested Charlie should see Dr. Jamie on Friday and he would probably suggest Charlie be referred to a specialist. Charlie may need to hold on to his Special Red Heelering Energy for a while. Please send any good doggy vibes you can spare at the moment. We will bounce it back when we can.
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  2. By OpyNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Sending lots of love your way buddy – we will all be thinking of you on Friday. Please let us know how it all goes – lots of pawsitive thoughts coming your way.



  3. By BoloNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Sending special Pei vibes to make you feel better along with nose kisses to get you on your feet. Mommy and Daddy are also sending happy energizing thoughts your way.
    They really should have at least given you a cookie for being a photographic subject. Sheesh.
    Either way, we’re thinking about you Charlie!

  4. By JediNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Thinking of you buddy!! Sorry to hear that things are a little upside down for you today, but your Bi-peds are looking after you, so hang in there.

    Sending lots of fluffy vibes your way.

    ~ Jedi ~

  5. By GucciNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Ohhhhhhh Charlie.
    They musta given you some super strong druggies. I hope the next time your doctor gives you some treaties stat!


  6. By Saint LoverNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Hang in there big guy! I’m sorry the vet didnt give you as good of news as you were hoping for. Big hugs and sending good vibes your way.

  7. By KhyraNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Charlie Dog Rules!

    Sibe Vibes khoming all the way ’round the world to a yard near WOO!!

    Paws khrossed and khysses to dry the leaky Mum eyes!!!


  8. By ShellyNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Oh Charlie. Please take care of those hips of yours. Don’t worry, those bald patches will grow back in no time :dogbiggrin:

    big licks,

  9. By StanislawNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Dear Mr. Charlie,

    My mom grew up with a 120-lb, 6-ft long lab/golden retreiver mix, Hunter. He was a big skinny boy! He had zero hip sockets and the vets said that it was the worste case of hip dysplasia they had ever seen. His x-rays were even used in vet schools!

    Well, Hunter lived to be a ripe old 12 years and he walked until his very last day when he left for the bridge all on his own. Nothing in this world is impossible! So tell your folks that even though things may seem scary now, that there is lots and lots of hope for you. And you too will live a long, happy, healthy life!

    We’re sending happy wiggly cocker vibes!

  10. By The OP PackNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    Oh,Charlie, our mutual furiend Khyra sent us to pay woo a visit. We all hope woo are feeling much better soon. Are woo sure woo didn’t got to the amusement park and spin too many times on the rides?

    Woos and wags, the OP Pack

  11. By cybersibesNo Gravatar on Oct 1, 2008

    We’re sending woo sibe vibes, Charlie. Hope woo feel better soon. Maybe the V.E.T. will be able to help.

    Star & Jack

  12. By NancyNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Oh Charlie – we’ve got paws, wings and fingers crossed for you! Hope things go better on Friday.


  13. By SnowballNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    I will be praying for you, Charlie. I hope you will be alright.


  14. By BenNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Hi Charlie,

    Mum is about to go concentrate on burning stuff (or cooking dinner as she puts it) but I wanted to stop by soon and send you tons of healing rotti slobbers (they are magical you know) and lots of love and good wishes.
    It goes without saying you are in our thoughts,

    get well soon buddy, we will keep checking in on you.

    love, licks, tailwags and a few more healing rotti slobbers for good measure,

    Ben xxxxxx

  15. By Crikit, Sparky & GingerNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Charlie D! oh we don’t like that your not feeling well, could that tick have left you some bad lymie stuff? We will pawray lots fur you quick recovery.

    Lots of love licks

    pee ess: so love your banner! you sure do have pawsome decorating talent xoxo

  16. By SukaNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    hey Charlie Daniels,

    Hang in there dawg! You are going through a tough time right now but it will get better! You have so many great doggy friends cheering for you! I will be howling to the Big Dog in the Sky to make you feel better and heal you! I am also keeping my paws crossed and sending super positive doggy healing vibes your way!

    You WILL get better – believe that! As Stansislaw said, “Nothing in this world is impossible!”


    p.s. We [K and I] hope your family is doing ok! Tell them to keep the faith and not lose hope! Good luck!

  17. By Dughallmor BeaglesNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Many sniffs and tail wags from our gang, sorry to hear you’re poorly… :dogunsure: hope you’re feeling better soon, we’ll check back often, love the blog, cute dawg! xx

  18. By Georgeous GeorgeNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Oh my Dog Charlie, I think someone must have spiked your water! Fancy not appreciating your entertainment, what’s going on in your V.E.T?
    We are sending loving Rottie healing vibes your way in hope your hips are okay, we are going to be very positive and manifest great health!
    Love George & Family

  19. By jan's funny farmNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    We dropped over from Khyra’s.

    What a dilemma. You should have been given lots of treats and extra chow to make up for what you missed.

    We know this must be hard on your humans to have you down like this. So we’re sending extra purrs and tail wags to all of you.

    Feel better, Charlie!

  20. By AbbyNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Hi, Charlie…

    I am sending Good Lhasa Vibes to your way…

    Make sure you do what the doctor says & get lots of rest…

    Hope you feel better soon…

    Abby xxxooo

  21. By BaylorNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Please let us know how things go Friday and know we are sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.


  22. By Maggie & MitchNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    All paws, fingers and toes are crossed for you here, Charlie! You’re in our thoughts!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  23. By NoahNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    What’s going on matie??? Crikey we’re all really worried. Please let us know how you get on on Friday. We’re sending lots of aire-zen and healing vibes your way.

    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  24. By gus louie and callieNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    We are sending all the Wild Heeler vibes we can muster up. We sure hope you are all right. Hang in there we are hoping for the best.. If you need anything let us know we are here for you always….

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  25. By RamboNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Awwww Charlie, :dogsad:
    we don’t like to hear that you are under the weather. So you feel a little tipsy?? Were you drinking that silly water that the humans drink??

    Rambo & MM
    Seriously now….we love you Charlie and want you to feel better soon.

  26. By Thor and Marco PoloNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    WOO WOO Charlie

    Khyra asked us to stop by and say HI. We hope and pray that the VET gets you all better soon. It’s no fun for you or your family when you aren’t feeling good. Take Care and get better quickly
    Hugs and Kisses
    Thor and Marco Polo
    Two Siberians from Iowa

  27. By LorenzaNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Hi, Charlie!
    Did they give you those happy pills??
    I have my paws crossed and my mom is praying for you! We really hope the Vet will fix your hip and you will be like new in no time!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. By ThorNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    I am sending Golden vibes to you Charlie!
    Hope you get better very soon!
    Love and licks

  29. By MackNo Gravatar on Oct 2, 2008

    Charlie – I am sending you Macky healing vibes right this very instant! I sure hope you start feeling better soon!

  30. By RustyNo Gravatar on Oct 3, 2008

    Poor Charlie!I am crossing my paws and sending lots of good doggie vibs to you and mom will pray. Lots of pawsitive thoughts are coming your way!


  31. By velcroNo Gravatar on Oct 3, 2008

    CD, Mom and I are sending good thoughts across the Pacific Ocean to you!!!! Good Heeler thoughts from California!!! Mom and I hope you are feeling a bit better! We sure didn’t like the look of your eyes! But we know you’re in good hands!!

    Velcro and mom

  32. By DeetzNo Gravatar on Oct 3, 2008

    Oh, Charlie
    I had no idea you were not feeling well at all. It looks like you have two sets of paw pads on one foot in that one picture….very tricky camera action.
    I sure hope you get to feeling better. I just met you and want to be your friend and want you to be healthy and happy.
    Happy Weekend

  33. By The PuppiesNo Gravatar on Oct 6, 2008

    oh Charlie!! We don’t like this post at all!!! Hopefully you are feeling better now (can you tell we have been slacking about reading other puppy’s posts because we are just now seeing this?) We are sending good feeling vibes from way over here –fortunately they will get that fast than mail would! :)
    you need to feel better so you can go protect the yard from all thos crazy critters you have over there!!!
    The Puppies

  34. By AkiNo Gravatar on Oct 7, 2008

    Hello there Charlie.

    We feel sad that you’re not feeling well. :( We hope that new specialist will be able to help you out. Don’t worry about those rude doctors, they mean well.

    We really hope you’ll get better. Update us on your condition, will you?

    lots of love and drooly kisses,


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