What do I do …

October 28th, 2008 Posted in All About Me No Gravatar

I have had so many offers of support since I have been feeling sad and it’s all thanks to my fantastic friends. Honestly, I don’t know what to do!

Charlie Daniels

George has said he will jump in his bi-plane and fly over to visit me all the way for England, and Bolo has invited me to go over and visit him in Canada.

Charlie Daniels 

Joe Stains is even totally willing to send Tanner all the way from the United States!

What should I do?  :dogunsure:

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  2. By Saint LoverNo Gravatar on Oct 28, 2008

    I think you head on over to our place and go with us on our play date at the new park with the newfies :)

  3. By BoloNo Gravatar on Oct 28, 2008

    Could you do all of them? Charlie Daniel’s Whirlwind Worldwide Tour. You’ll need a soundtrack, and some roadies. Think about it.

  4. By JediNo Gravatar on Oct 28, 2008

    Have them ALL over of course!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Jedi ~

  5. By BenNo Gravatar on Oct 28, 2008

    aaawww Charlie, we have been MIA a few days and only just saw what was going on!!

    Buddy I will pop over in a heartbeat.. just say the word! I know its great news that the kid got his very own furever home but my heart aches for you because you must miss him soooo much! Its no secret how bad I want a playmate so I will come over, or you come here.. I think a worlwide tour is a great idea!!

    sending you lots of rottie slobbery smooches and a sprinkle of happiness,

    love ya buddy,

    Ben xxxx

  6. By princess evaNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    I missed so much by being gone for a few days. Does The Kid live close enough that you can have playdates?

    Princess Eva

  7. By Maggie and MitchNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    We think you should do all of them, Charlie! BTW,that man next to our name is our dad swimming! We thought we updated that picture yesteday! Maybe not??!! grrrrrrrr

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. By KhyraNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Huffle will be bakhk soon SOOO woo khan go visit all the places she hit AND more!

    Then again, woo khould ask fur another khanine playmate!!


  9. By Georgeous GeorgeNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Oh Charlie, I would be sad if my sister left I’m sure. Sorry I haven’t been by lately but I’m trying to help my pawrents with Sophies care by wearing her out. After my next date with Faya I’ll be over to to see you for sure! pee es, Edwood has shown everyone your 118 video, have you chewed the vest yet??
    Love n comforting licks

  10. By RamboNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Hey CD,
    I am sorry you are feeling sad buddy. :dogsad: If I could fly, I would come to your house and cheer you up (however, I must warn you that I don’t really like big dogs since I have small dog syndrome, but I like you) I would make you laugh and forget all about the Kid.
    Cheer up Charlie….he will be fine.

  11. By Holly & ZacNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Aww, sorry you are so sad Charlie, can you still meet up with the kid sometime for a play session?, that would be nice.

    You and your family did a great thing for him and it is really fantastic he has a family of his very own now.

    Your pals,
    Holly & Zac

  12. By Dannan & The GirlNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    A worldwide tour sounds like fun! You can come here, and pick up a couple of Min Pins for entertainment on the way home! (The Girl says I have to stop trying to give the Min Pins away. I say, I’ll stop when they’re gone!)

    Brown dog kisses,

  13. By Joe StainsNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Tanner is going to be out delivering his halloween candy, I will be sure to have him drop by!

  14. By LorenzaNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Hi, Charlie!
    Yes, you can go on a tour and visit everyone! If you have time… come to Mexico too!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. By SukaNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    hey Charlie Daniels,

    You should do whatever your heart desires! You only live once so live it up and enjoy! All of your furry friends love you and would love to visit with you! If you do a Worldwide tour, as some of your dog buddies have suggested, please put me on your itinerary as I too would love to hang out with you! Or, if you don’t want to travel, have a huge Worldwide bash of dogs at your place and we can fly in from all over the World!


  16. By GizmoNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Aww Charlie, do you think you’ll still get to see Max occasionally or is he gone forever?

  17. By NoahNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Why don’t you come up to the mountains…it’s nice and close :doglaugh:

    Noah x

  18. By MangoNo Gravatar on Oct 29, 2008

    Aw, momma sends smoochies your way to make you feel better. Buck up, spotted dude.


  19. By ToffeeNo Gravatar on Oct 30, 2008

    Oh Charlie!

    I am so sorry that you are down. If I could I would hop on Aire Ruby and come over and give you a chihueagle cuddle! I would even bring and share some treats!

    Are you coming to the Howloweeny pawty? (reply via Asta or Eric or Lacie’s blog)


  20. By CloverNo Gravatar on Oct 30, 2008

    Hi Charlie,
    I am sorry the Kid had to leave. He was so cute all snuggled with you on your lounge! But I bet he will be happy with his new family too.
    Definitely do all of those things – and while you are in Canada, pop over and see me in Ottawa!
    Love Clover xo :dogbiggrin:

  21. By ShermanNo Gravatar on Oct 30, 2008

    Dude, come to Pittsburgh and hang with me! I’ll take you to my park and we can chase squirrels and spread pee mail everywhere. You’ll forget about that Kid in no time…


  22. By The PuppiesNo Gravatar on Oct 30, 2008

    Maybe you need to get another visitor? Since you had so much fun with this one….. :dogwink:
    Sorry you are feeling sad, but at least The Kid now has a furever home!!!
    The Puppies

  23. By RennaNo Gravatar on Oct 30, 2008

    Sorry your so sad :dogsad: ! If you want to come visit me in Texas I will share my new lamb bone with you!

    Slobber Kisses

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