Bored .. Bored .. Bored …

November 23rd, 2008 Posted in All About Me, At Home No Gravatar

You know how Rory came to visit … it turns out that one of his kennel mates from the p-o-u-n-d had a contagious disease. Now the little bloke is okay (and so am I and Shorty), but, wouldn’t you know it, we are now in quarantine!!!  I told you he was going to be trouble.  :dognowink:


So now we are stuck at home for at least another week, watching the grass grow (’cause there is nothing else to do) until the danger period is over.

I guess he could get sick in the mean time (that would be awful, but at least that would be interesting) but we are doing everything we can to make sure he doesn’t.  :dogohmy:


We are building tents in My Loungeroom. We are tearing up newspapers. We are even watching TV. We will never get out of this yard!! We will never meet anyone again!!  HELP !!!!!!!

Charlie, Rory & Macca 

I am going slowly insane!

Charlie Daniels

Get that camera away from me … it’s not like I’ve done anything exciting in the last few days!

Charlie Daniels 

One of the good things about these transient visitors, is I got to see a new V-E-T. Dr Paul said he doesn’t doubt I have some Hip Dysplasia, but believes it is not the major source of my pain. After he poked, prodded and pulled my legs from here to Timbuktu, he then squeezed my leg bone. I gave him the look – he didn’t respond, so yes I was a bit naughty and tried to have a quick chew on his hand – but he deserved it!  :doghuh:

Dr Paul said this is a classic sign that my Panosteitis is still hanging around. So now I take Aspro everyday, and it seems to be helping.  HH caught me doing a quick turn yesterday and nearly smothered me with kisses .. Ewww!  She can forget the yucky Aspro if she is gonna keep doing that!  :dogwacko:

The other bonus of having the silly foster babies is …. wait for it … CHICKEN!!! The drought has broken! I get chicken everyday!  My Bi-Peds now have an automatic air freshener going 24-7 in My Loungeroom.  :dogwink:


  1. 19 Responses to “Bored .. Bored .. Bored …”

  2. By KhyraNo Gravatar on Nov 23, 2008

    Woo poor fellas!

    BUT glad woo are okay albeit khabin fevered!

    Did woo try telling them a spoonful of chikhken makes the medicine go down?


  3. By Amber-MaeNo Gravatar on Nov 23, 2008

    Your lounger room looks pretty comfy. Chicken everyday? That’s kool!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. By Maggie and MitchNo Gravatar on Nov 23, 2008

    At least you’re not in quarantine all by yourself! You’ve at least got a playmate!
    Chicken every day sounds wonderful to us!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. By NoahNo Gravatar on Nov 23, 2008

    Quarantine sounds pretty tough. Hope you stay well and the chicken keeps coming.
    You remind me so much of Lucy. She doesn’t like being proded either and gives little bites too. The asprin sounds like it’s really helping. Good thing the other vet checked you out.

    Noah x

  6. By GucciNo Gravatar on Nov 24, 2008

    Mmmm chicken. My Mom’s a vegetarian so there’s never any chicken or your girl Gucci. You’re soo lucky!!


  7. By Joe StainsNo Gravatar on Nov 24, 2008

    omdog, wasn’t there just a horror movie out called Quarantine. It sounds terrifying!

  8. By LorenzaNo Gravatar on Nov 24, 2008

    Good news and bad news, right?
    Sure I hope everyone is doing well!
    Chicken everyday sounds yummy to me!
    Air freshener is for…. hmmmm… never mind I got it!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. By RamboNo Gravatar on Nov 24, 2008

    Quarantine? That’s just like the prison at the Petsmart Hotel. That stinks. Why don’t you do a prison break and get out of there? Hey wait. You said you get chicken every night. Forget it. It’s worth staying in the slammer for chicken. Yum!

  10. By LennyNo Gravatar on Nov 25, 2008

    Woo hoo CHICKEN!! I think you should get a lot of it to ward off the insanity.

    Your friend, Lenny

  11. By MangoNo Gravatar on Nov 25, 2008

    Those kids are trouble. Now you have to spend all your time with them. Ugh. Chicken, well, its the least given all the babysitting you’ve been asked to do.


  12. By The PuppiesNo Gravatar on Nov 25, 2008

    The chicken part sounds awesome!!! But not being able to leave the house sounds miserable!! we would destroy the house if that was our quarantine… maybe ya’ll should start working on that??
    The Puppies
    p.s. glad to hear the Aspro is working! You gotta keep up with those young pups now!!

  13. By SukaNo Gravatar on Nov 25, 2008

    hey Charlie Daniels,

    Chicken every day? Two little pup playmates?? Your very own Loungeroom that you can mess up??? Quatantine sounds pretty kewl to me! Please don’t go insane!

    I will keep my paws crossed that Rory does not get sick, and that you and Shorty also stay healthy!

    I am so woofy-happy that you did a quick turn! Very exciting! Sorry your HH got so slobbery on you, though!


  14. By VelcroNo Gravatar on Nov 25, 2008

    CD….chicken every day? How do I get my mom to give me chicken every day??? What did Rory’s litter mates have? I’d hate to be in quarantine….but at least you have company!!


  15. By CloverNo Gravatar on Nov 26, 2008

    Hi Charlie,
    So sorry to hear about your boredom and quarantine! I am glad none of you are sick, and horray for chicken!!
    Love Clover xo

  16. By Dannan & The GirlNo Gravatar on Nov 26, 2008

    Oh, Charlie, I’ve missed you, it seems like furever since The Girl brought me by!

    It really sucks that you guys are quarantined. But I’m happy to hear that no one’s sick, and paws crossed it’ll stay that way.

    It sounds promising that maybe your pain will get a little better. What is it with our girl hoomans that makes them want to smother us with kisses all the time? YUCK!

    Brown dog kisses,

  17. By Candi the CavalierNo Gravatar on Nov 26, 2008

    Hi Charlie, Oh my what a thing to be in quarantine, i’ve never been in there before. Just as well you have company, hope you get out soon.
    Sorry i haven’t been to visit you sooner, still having problems with my site.

    lots of licks


  18. By MackNo Gravatar on Nov 26, 2008

    I have an idea to end your boredom – How about a little destruction??? That bwankie seems like a perfect target for all your aggressions!

  19. By HappyNo Gravatar on Nov 26, 2008

    Under quarantine? Poor you…but glad you are ok though. Chicken everyday sure makes up for it, eh?

  20. By ReillyNo Gravatar on Nov 27, 2008

    Quarantine sounds AWFULLY boring……who is checking the pool and patrolling for possums?

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