It ain’t fair …

September 20th, 2009 Posted in At Play, YouTube No Gravatar

Yesterday HH, TBU, Moo and Pumpkin had an adventure …


They travelled to see the place with the green roof again … though I am still not supposed to say anymore about that place in case I jinx the whole thing …  but Molly and I think we would like it to be our new home (well from what we have been told about it anyway!)

I mean … look at this … obviously Pumpkin and Moo had lots of fun …

Pumpkin & Moo on Silo Hill

I think Pumpkin was helping  Moo to travel fast enough so that spinny thing on his head could help him to fly!

When they came home, we could tell they had been somewhere interesting ’cause they all had a particularly … umm .. how can I say this nicely … umm … rural … nah … country … nah … bovine … nah …. cow dung  smell about them!

They said they saw some exciting things … like this …

Stroud Rodeo

and this …

Stroud Rodeo

… and they also told me they saw some big cows!  Hey I am a part Cattle Dog … how come I couldn’t see them for myself?  I mean … I may soon be living near them … I reckon it would be a good idea if I introduced myself to them don’t you?

I would just walk up and say … “Hi Mr Cattle dude” …

Stroud Rodeo

… on second thoughts … maybe I would just yell it from a distance …

Stroud Rodeo

Do they ever stand still with all their feet on the ground?  They look a bit scary to me …  In fact … if they greet everyone like the one in this moving picture … I think I might stay away from them …  Perhaps there is less Cattle Dog in me than first thought!

Warning: The bull slightly tramples someone in this moving picture!

Nah … I think I should be a Horse Dog instead … they look much less threatening!

Anyway … My Bi-Peds said we couldn’t go with them because dogs weren’t allowed.  I reckon that stinks!

But if that was the rule … what was this doing there?

Puppy at Stroud Rodeo

Yeah I know he is cute … but he looks like a dog to me!

So … that’s why there are no pics of Molly and I today!

  1. 5 Responses to “It ain’t fair …”

  2. By LorenzaNo Gravatar on Sep 21, 2009

    Hi, Charlie and Molly!
    Everything was well until the last picture! Hmmmm… I hope they all had a nice adventure!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. By MangoNo Gravatar on Sep 21, 2009

    Most curious. That is a small dog, not a full sized handsome guy such as yourself. I think if you live there you will have to explore your cattle side some more.


  4. By KhyraNo Gravatar on Sep 21, 2009

    Woo wuz robbed!

    Paws NOT khrossed as to NOT jinx the green roofie thing!

    Mom saw a horse trailer on her way bakhk from fetching the Brittanies on Saturday – one of the horses tails was outside the trailer – talk about your bad tail day!


  5. By ThorNo Gravatar on Sep 21, 2009

    Hi Charlie & Molly!
    Those big cows look very scary!
    Oops! What that doggie was doing there??? Looks like your hoomans are in trouble!


  6. By BrownieNo Gravatar on Sep 23, 2009

    Charlie and Molly… OMD… or should I say Oh my cattle?! Those photos are very exciting, but I gotsa confess that I would probably be scared if it were in person!

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