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I have received the following awards from fellow doggy bloggers. Click on the links below each award to check out their blogs. They are all fantastic.

Thanks to Gucci

Thanks to Mack, Lilly & Paris


Thanks to George and The Desert Pups

Thanks to Happy & Rambo

Thanks to Thor, Toffee & Baylor

Thanks to Thor & Abby

Thanks to Noah,Willow,Tess & Lucy

Thanks to Rusty


Thanks to Rusty & the Three Wild Heelers

Thanks to Reilly

2008 Summer Pawlimpic Games

Bronze Medal for the Stick Event

 Dog’s Choice Award for Wrestling, Synchronized, Begging Face events,
and my favourite the Making a Mess event.


Thanks to Noah, Charlie & Gizmo

August 12, 2008

Thanks Princess Eva

August 8, 2008
Thanks Deefor

August 8, 2008
Friendship Award
Thanks Deefor

Thanks Fenway
Thanks Fenway, Deefor, Rusty & Charlie

Thanks Oorvi
Thanks Momoko and Oorvi

 Thanks George
Thanks George

Thanks to River, Gus & Louie