So ….

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…   Remember me …




We have a new yard to patrol …


Molly & Charlie


It’s a long story !    :dogwacko:



Still Raining …

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Molly Moo Charlie

Rain ….

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It’s wet … wet .. wet ….

Charlie & Molly - Who ? Us?

so we are just gonna keep watching … and wondering …

Charlie & Molly - Watching

what that bird is doing on the back of our friend “Schooner” the horse!

Schooner the Horse

Yep .. we look after our friends!  :dogcool:


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Yeah I know it’s been a long time, but we are still here … see here we are on a walk with HH and Moo …

Charlie and Molly

I am sorry I don’t get the chance to visit all my friends anymore … every now and then TBU lets my visit late at night … but unfortunately we don’t have time to comment … only read  :dogsad:

I have forced TBU to take some time out to do this post … but he doesn’t have a lot of time … so here are some pics and a short moving picture :dogsmile:



Charlie with Bone

Molly with Bone

My Legs Hurt …

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My back legs have been really hurting lately … For a while I thought they were getting better … but now they just hurt most of the time.   :dogsad:

I should tell you straight up … this post is mainly about me …  so there will be lots of pics of me and not many of Molly!   :dogtongue:


I have still managed to go out exploring when ever HH & TBU find the time to take me … but I am very sore when I get home … sometime I even find it difficult to stand up when I have been laying down for a while!   :dogrolleyes:


I am only two and a half years old … I shouldn’t hurt like this already should I?   :dogwacko:


HH & TBU were thinking of maybe getting an AdiCell treatment for me … but it looks like it may cost too much money!   :dogohmy:

Has anyone heard of any reports for this treatment, or know of anyone who had had it?

Anyway … as I was saying before … I still manage to go exploring …


The last time Molly and I went, our friends Roy and Lilly came with us … and guess what?  This time those Big Dog Things were in the paddock … and Molly just couldn’t resist staring at them …


That is Lilly you can see in the front .. I have no idea what she was staring at!   :dogblink:


But I made sure I kept an eye on her … I mean .. those Big Dog Things are much larger than her …

Roy and Charlie

… and when she got a bit too close to them, Roy and I had to chase them away!   :dognowink:


Of course Molly is much bigger … so I didn’t have to watch over her as much.   :dogwub:

Here is a moving picture of us exploring if you would like to watch it … after all .. it has been a long time since you have seen me moving!   :dogcool:

Oh yeah .. before I go … I must tell you about something I didn’t actually see … because we weren’t allowed to go … but recently … when Disco Dynamo drove TBU, Moo, Pumpkin and Captain Redneck to see this …


…  they noticed a Horse caught in a fence … so Disco Dynamo and Captain Redneck (who both work for TBU & HH) immediately stopped the car and came to the rescue!    :dogbiggrin:

I am very proud of them for doing that.

Oh!  and one more thing … sometimes … when we have been really good … we are allowed to come into the bar when it is closed at night … and sit by the fire!  Oops .. I mean check that everything is secure!   :dogtongue2:


We do a great job don’t you think?

Friends …

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We’ve been having some friends staying with us for a while … their names are Roy Boy and Lilly Lou ….

Just Hangin'

Their Dad, Captain Redneck, was managing a Chicken Farm and Roy Boy used to round up the chickens when it was time for them to go back inside their home…

Do you believe a dog that looks like this could do that job?

Roy Boy

Anyway, the Chicken Farm was sold, so Captain Redneck, Roy Boy and Lilly Lou came to stay with us for a while.

We have been playing in Our Yard together …


But sometimes, they all just like to look at me!   :dogblush:


Molly and I have been out exploring again … here is a pic of where we walk …

Exploring Area

Because I am a good boy, I am allowed to walk all the time off leash … yep from home and back again!  Molly has to stay on leash until we actually get to the show ground, and has to be on leash when we come home again .. ’cause she is usually naughty and runs away on the road. (If you click on the pic .. you can do your own exploring too!)


I usually just explore at my own pace …


and let Molly do her own thing … But I do still have to look out for her …

Charlie and Molly

‘Cause sometimes cars sneak up behind us and try to attack us …

Molly and Charlie

… and if I wasn’t looking out for Molly … she would just be doing this …


and this …


and I don’t want her to end up under one of these.

Timber Truck

In other news … one of my Bi-Peds is now officially a grown up Bi-Ped!


Yep .. Chook is now 18 Years old!   She had a party … but Molly and I weren’t allowed to go …

Pumpkin …


and Moo were allowed to go though!


Happy Birthday Chook!   :dogsmile:

The Story According to Molly Daniels …

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Hi, It’s me .. Molly … Molly Daniels … you may remember me from before!   :dogrolleyes:

This is how I like to think the story goes ….


Hey Charlie … will you take me out exploring?


Yeah .. I can take you out exploring if you like!

Charlie & Molly

Hey!  Aren’t you supposed to be showing me where to go Charlie?

Molly & Charlie

OK .. apparently not …  looks like I’ll lead the way …

Molly & Charlie

Now Charlie .. if you are going to copy me … you must try harder … your left leg is too straight …  see how mine is bent?

Molly & Charlie

That’s better … almost perfect!


But your tongue is sticking out the wrong side … sorry you can’t follow my anymore!


Oh No!  A fork in the road! .. I wonder which way she went?


Ha!  He can’t see me!


Hey Charlie!  over here ….


Oi Charlie!  Over Here!!!!


Yeah .. you with the Curly Tail!

Charlie & Molly

Come on .. let’s go home ….